Our Erasmus experience: Pollution! Find a STEM solution!

This February four students and three teachers of Ferran Tallada have gone to Chartres for our third mobility in the Erasmus Project. In the first day we were greeted, they said the rules and they showed us the week schedule. We took a photo group. We were guided outside and we visited the college, administration, EPS, kitchen and garden… We went to Chartres, it is a big and beautiful city and we viewed the cathedral. Also we did an icebreaker to meet each other. We took many funny pictures with the monuments .
On Tuesday we also went to Chartres and we visited the cathedral and we made a work shop at the stained glass center. We also had a guided tour of the cathedral. In the afternoon we had a work shop of Scratch that were moving pictures .
On Wednesday we went with five French boys and we programmed a robot to make it follow a line and our robot was the best. Later we presented an ebook about past mobilities in our Erasmus Project. At 11 we did a virtual photo collage with funny pictures.
On Thursday we had a work shop to analyse measuring results. We also attended a lecture about the solar system exploration.
On Friday we visited Chambord which is a castle with 426 rooms, the guide told us that its owner had built it to demonstrate his power.
The best part was when we had a disco party because all were dancing. I hope to keep contact with you!

Salwa Zitou, student involved in the project

You can also have a look at the e-book that we created after the visit of our partners to Barcelona: here. An visit our TwinSpace and Facebook profile.

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